Wood Stove Pellet in Palmyra, NE

With a pellet wood stove you can have the comfort and advantages of wood heat and the convenience of traditional heating appliances while using a low cost renewable source of fuel. Pellet wood stoves burn pellets that are made by compressing wood or other biomass into small pellets. Pellets burn clean and more efficiently than traditional firewood. Pellet stoves are the cleanest solid fuel burning heating appliances available.

Pellet stoves look similar to wood stoves and can be inserts or free standing. They come with glass doors so you can see the flames and feel a similar comfortable radiant heat that you get from a wood stove. wood stove pellet in Palmyra, NE. wood stove pellet in Palmyra, NE. Pellet fuel is usually stored in a hopper on the back of the stove. This can be filled once a day or less with pellets which are fed into the combustion chamber automatically so you don't have to continually put fuel on the fire. This combined with thermostatic controls will assure continuous heat even while you are away or asleep.

Because pellet stoves are so efficient at extracting the heat that is produced and because they burn so clean a chimney is not needed. The relatively cool and clean exhaust can be vented through a simple exhaust vent similar to a gas or oil furnace. This makes installation more simple and inexpensive than a traditional wood stove.

Pellets are made from biomass which is renewable and considered carbon neutral. Most are made from wood and utilize waste material from the production of other forest products. When heating with pellets you can use a resource that may have otherwise gone to waste.

The biggest disadvantage of pellet wood stoves is that it does require electricity to power some of it's functions. They consume very little electricity since they don't use it to produce heat but when the power goes out the whole unit will shut down. There are battery backup systems available that will solve this problem and so will a generator to have on hand in a power failure. If you want the advantages of a wood stove but without the advantages a pellet stove may be the right choice. Pellets are affordable, renewable and provide the incomparable comfort of wood heat.

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